Nuestra historia

A tale as old as time

Nuestra historia / Our history 30 December 2009

We might as well come clean now.  We met on the Internet. I spent a semester in Querétaro, and then came home without ever meeting C.

If they crossed paths, it was as midnight ships. Back in Ocean Springs that June, she was homesick for Qro, and so she searched for someone from there on Skype.

I found C on Skype and really liked his name.  It was a full name, a real name, not a handle.

She added him, but they didn’t begin to talk until August or September. They spent months flirting and talking in circles.

We dreamed pipe-dreams about meeting each other, but didn’t know if or when we would.

Finally in May, K decided she was going home to Qro after graduation, before she started her master’s program.  She packed 5 dresses and set off.  C met her at the bus station.


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